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All ART Centric Lighting fixtures use LED light sources. This technology is gradually entering museums and art galleries, just as is happening throughout the whole lighting world. This replacement, the use of LEDs instead of conventional light sources, is driven by energy saving requirements and by the long life of the LEDs that eliminates re-lamping needs.
Faced with a precious work of art, with its uniqueness and its historical and cultural value, energy saving and running cost considerations may not seem suffcient motivation for the choice. However, LEDs provide many other benefits that make the new LED fixtures better than incandescent ones, especially when it comes to lighting works of art.

  • Heat dissipation is much lower and, above all, the heat is not directed towards the illuminated object. This, together with the lack of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) emissions, means works of art are preserved much better.
  • The small size of the light sources leads to compact units with an innovative, much less invasive design. It is much simpler to apply every architect’s golden rule: the light source must be invisible.
  • The light emitted can be adjusted in a highly precise way, not only as concerns brightness but also color temperature, and even color spectrum. This means the original color of the works of art can be seen faithfully.
  • The quality of the light emitted is more uniform.
  • Color temperature and color rendering are perfectly stable even when the light intensity is adjusted.
  • Thanks to the low light beam temperature, the optical lenses and beam shaping devices are much more precise.
  • Greater flexibility of use and simplicity of installation stem from the possibility of modulating the sources and controlling the devices in innovative ways, including wireless systems.

The ART Centric Lighting range is therefore ideal for illuminating works of art because it not only enhances their aesthetic and emotion-evoking characteristics but also preserves their physical integrity so that they last over time. ART Centric Lighting is cutting- edge technology that blends functional necessities with artistic requirements and the need for perfect preservation.

Technical insights



The lighting techniques used to enhance paintings, frescoes, statues or artefacts of any kind are normally very varied. They not only depend on the work itself, but also – for instance – on the surrounding environment and the choice to illuminate the works individually or as part of a set.
A single kind of luminaire is not enough to cope with such varied needs. For this reason the ART Centric Lighting collection includes a wide range of fixtures, with different powers and various types of beam.
The first major division in the range is between units with fixed color temperature light sources and units with adjustable color temperature (tunable). In each of these two main categories, you will find different variants and all the kinds of fixed and adjustable optical units you need.
They may be further customized by choosing a different light intensity control system. It may be manual (with on-board potentiometer), or remote, controlled by cable with DALI signal or wireless via modern Bluetooth technology.
All ART Centric Lighting fixtures share the same excellent quality materials, strict compliance with safety regulations, use of professional optical systems, attention to assembly details, and ease of use and installation. This is all rounded off with a wide range of accessories, and various ways of turning the lights on and off.

Technical insights
The Art Centric Lighting showroom in Seriate, Italy



The works of art and exhibited artefacts should be the very centre of attention in all museums, art galleries and exhibition halls.
The ultimate goal of each permanent or temporary exhibition is, however, to convey the artist’s or curator’s message to the visitor.
Therefore, even though visibility and preservation of the works is top priority, the lighting system has a more complex communication task which, more and more often, aims to trigger emotions.

The ART Centric Lighting range has all the technical and functional requirements needed to become part of an integrated system, and our team of experts can contribute effectively at every design stage. They can provide you with the experience they have put together in using cutting edge technology at major world events and top class shows, where provoking emotional reactions and involving the public are the most important goals.

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The RESPECT is a LED fixture with SPOT light optical unit, available either with a fixed color temperature light source (2700K, 3000K, or 4000K) or in a tunable white version (from 2900K to 5000K). Both versions can be customized with a wide range of fixed beam angles (from 12 to 74 degrees). The RESPECT is compact and particularly lightweight (only 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs). This essential, versatile light may be used in a wide variety of situations. It is available in black or white finishing.



The ADMIRE is a LED fixture fitted with a SPOT light optical unit with seamlessly adjustable beam angle from 12 to 50 degrees. It is available either with a fixed color temperature light source (2700K, 3000K, or 4000K) or in a tunable white version (from 2900K to 5000K).
The ADMIRE has an elegant design, and features incomparable versatility thanks to its adjustable optical unit. It is therefore much appreciated in venues where temporary exhibitions or changes are frequent. The unit is available in black or white finishing.



The APPLAUD is an LED SPOT light which not only has a GOBO holder, but also a beam shaper. The beam angle is fixed but can be selected from the following values: 16, 24 or 40 degrees. It is available either with a fixed colour temperature light source (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K) or in a tunable white version (from 2900K to 5000K). The APPLAUD features remarkable versatility of use, since it can be used to illuminate paintings and works of art with a shaped beam, to project logos, gobos or images and to illuminate three-dimensional objects (such as statues) without generating shadows in the background. It is available in black and white finishing.



The CHARMY is a high performance LED SPOT light featuring an optical unit with seamlessly adjustable beam angle, from 18 to 40 degrees. Color temperature can be tuned from 1800K to 5200K. The CHARMY has an elegant design, and delivers incomparable versatility thanks to its adjustable parameters. It is therefore much appreciated in venues where temporary exhibitions or changes are frequent. The unit is available in white or customized finishing.